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Events with results for 2012 (some results may be found in Eventor)

Start dateMapTypeClubResultSplitsPhotos
Mon31Dec20122012 Xmas 5-Days, Day 5National OtherMF VResultsSplits
Sun30Dec20122012 Xmas 5-Days, Day 4National OtherMF VResultsSplits
Sat29Dec20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 3National OtherYV VResultsSplits
Fri28Dec20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 2National OtherBK VResultsSplits
Thu27Dec20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 1National OtherAW VResultsSplits
Tue30Oct2012Australian Long Championships - Cairncross State ForestNational Championships (Long)MD NResultsSplits
Sun28Oct2012Australian Middle Championships - Kiwarrak State ForestNational Championships (Middle)MD NResultsSplits
Fri26Oct2012Australian Sprint Championship - Kiwarrak State ForestNational Championships (Sprint)MD NResultsSplits
Sun21Oct20122012 ACT MTB Long Distance ChampsState Championships (Long)AO AResultsSplits
Sun21Oct2012SA MTBO ChampionshipsState Championships (Long)WA SResultsSplits
Sat29Sep2012Australian Long Distance ChampionshipsNational Championships (Long)WR TResultsSplits
Fri28Sep2012Australian Sprint ChampionshipsNational Championships (Sprint)WR TResultsSplits
Wed26Sep2012Australian Schools Relay ChampionshipsNationa Schools (Relay)WR TResultsSplits
Tue25Sep2012Right Royal RunaroundNational OtherWR TResultsSplits
Tue25Sep2012Australian Schools Individual ChampionshipsNational Schools (Individual)WR TResultsSplits
Sun23Sep2012BanyowlaState Championships (Long)WO WResultsSplits
Sun23Sep2012Tasmanian Long Distance ChampionshipsState Championships (Long)WR TResultsSplits
Sat22Sep2012RoleystoneState Championships (Middle)BO WResultsSplits
Sat22Sep2012Australian Middle Distance ChampionshipsNational Championships (Middle)WR TResultsSplits
Sun16Sep20122012 Victorian Championships Long DistanceState Championships (Long)YV VResultsSplits
Sun16Sep2012Frazzle RockState Championships (Long)KO WResultsSplits
Sat15Sep20122012 Victorian Championships Middle DistanceState Championships (Middle)BK VResultsSplits
Sat15Sep2012Frazzle RockState Championships (Middle)LO WResultsSplits
Sun9Sep2012NSW State League 13 - Gumble CreekState Championships (Long)BN NResultsSplits
Sun9Sep2012SA Long Championships - Barossa RangeState Championships (Long)YA SResultsSplits
Sat8Sep2012NSW State League 12 Kahlis RocksState Championships (Middle)GS NResultsSplits
Sun12Aug2012NOL Round 4 - NT Long ChampionshipsNational League/SeriesTE SResultsSplits
Sat11Aug2012NOL Round 4 - NT NightNational League/SeriesTE SResultsSplits
Fri10Aug2012NOL Round 4 - NT SprintNational League/SeriesTE SResultsSplits
Sat4Aug2012MurdochState Championships (Sprint)WO WResultsSplits
Sun1Jul20122012 ACT MTB Middle Distance ChampsState Championships (Middle)AO AResultsSplits
Sat30Jun20122012 ACT MTB Sprint Distance ChampsState Championships (Sprint)AO AResultsSplits
Mon11Jun2012SA Middle Distance ChampionshipsState Championships (Middle)WA SResultsSplits
Sun10Jun2012Manawarra Badge EventState League/OYOH SResultsSplits
Sun27May2012SA Sprint Championships Shepherds HillState Championships (Sprint)TJ SResultsSplits
Sun20May2012Lady Alice Goldfield Badge EventBadgeTT SResultsSplits
Sun13May2012SILVA NOL Race 12- WOC Trials- Long WRENational League/SeriesNC NResultsSplits
Sat12May2012SILVA NOL 11- Middle TrialsNational League/SeriesNC NResultsSplits
Sat12May2012SILVA NOL Race 10- WOC SprNational League/SeriesNC NResultsSplits
Sun6May2012ACTL 4 - GlendaleState Championships (Long)AO AResultsSplits
Sat5May2012ACTL 3 - Kowen Forest EastState Championships (Middle)PO AResultsSplits
Sun15Apr2012SILVA NOL Race 9 - Collins CkNational League/SeriesOQ QResultsSplits
Sat14Apr2012SILVA NOL Race 8National League/SeriesOQ QResultsSplits - Stage 1
Splits - Stage 2
Thu12Apr2012Hardings PaddockNational OtherOQ QResultsSplits
Wed11Apr2012CascadesNational OtherOQ QResultsSplits
Fri6Apr2012Australian 3 Day ChampionshipsNational Easter 3 DaysOQ QResultsSplits - Stage 1
Splits - Stage 2
Splits - Stage 3
Splits - Stage 4
Fri6Apr2012Family Relays/PrologueNational Easter 3 DaysOQ QResultsSplits
Sun11Mar2012SILVA NOL Race 3- Eureka Challenge Long DistanceNational League/SeriesMF VResultsSplits
Sat10Mar2012SILVA NOL Race 2 - Eureka Challenge Middle DistanceNational League/SeriesEU VResultsSplits
Sat10Mar2012SILVA NOL Race 1 - Sprint DistanceNational League/SeriesEU VResultsSplits

50 events

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