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Events with results for 2013 (Results after 2015 may be found in Eventor)

Start dateMapTypeClubResultSplitsPhotos
Tue30Nov1999SA MTBO Champs and Foot EventState Championships (Long)OH SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999SA Middle Distance Champs - Moon RocksState Championships (Middle)WA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999John XXIII CollegeState Championships (Sprint)LO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999DryandraState Championships (Long)KO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Casuarina Ridge Badge & EPCBadgeSB SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Flinders Carnival Day 2 - SA Long ChampsBadgeTT SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Flinders Carnival Overall ResultsState Championships (Long)OASA SResults
Tue30Nov1999SA Badge Event - Bri-GlenBadgeYA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992013 Easter 3-Days day 3National Easter 3 DaysBK VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992013 Easter 3-Days - day 2National Easter 3 DaysNE VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992013 Easter 3-Days Day 1National Easter 3 DaysBG VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992013 Easter 3-Days PrologueNational Easter 3 DaysBG VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992013 Easter 3-Days overallNational Easter 3 DaysBG VResults
Tue30Nov1999NOL Event 2 - Long Race BelairNational League/SeriesWA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999NOL Sprint Final and SA Sprint ChampionshipsNational League/SeriesOH SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999NOL Event 1a Flinders Uni Sprint QualifyingNational OtherOH SResultsSplits

16 events

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