1. How do I export results for a sportident event?

    SportIdent results and splits should be exported into csv format.Use -Competition Day- -Results- and ensure the time format is MMM:SS and the name format is First name Surname.For multi-day events the stage should be set to the last stage for exporting results or the desired stage to export splits. To export results, select -Official- and choose the desired classes (usually all). For multi-day events check the -All stages- radio button. Click -OK- and the results will be visible. To export splits select -SportIdent-.To save to a file use the -Interface- option. Here the settings should be for CSV format, with a comma delimiter, and no string delimiter. Export the file and use this file to import into the results or splits page.
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  2. Where do I upload results

    Results can be uploaded by registered users who are then given the required permissions to upload either state based or national results. Registered users with the required access rights and who are logged on, access Upload functions from the Administration menu.

    Note that each state has registered users to upload results (for non-registerered users provide the same information and the file in the required format to your state contact).

    Once you have registered contact either
    In the Administration section, results are uploaded using "Import Results" and "Import Splits"

    The following information is required for any event
    1. Event Name
    2. Event Date (and end date if a multi-day event)
    3. No of days if a multi-day event
    4. Event Type e.g. Championship, Badge, OY (State League), MTBO, Other
    5. Organising club or state association
    6. Upload file (for creating these see below)
    7. Is event a National Calendar event
    8. Are badge cut-offs to be calculated
    9. Organiser Name
    10. Comments about the event
    11. Email address
    Once an event’s results have been uploaded, the associated splits can be uploaded. This function presents a list of events by month with results. Splits can than be uploaded for the selected event and by selecting how the splits are grouped (by class or course). Course is preferred for smaller events.

    Note that once an event has been uploaded, the results can be overwritten. Currently this is done by using the Import Results function, entering the event name exactly as entered previously, entering the required data as above and then choosing “Overwrite”. A future enhancement will permit editing of event details.

    Note that for Multi-Day events, the overwrite function is used to upload successive days results once the first day has been uploaded.

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  3. How do I format a file from a normal non Sportident event?

    Results from regular (non SportIdent) events are imported into the OA website as TAB delimited text files. TAB delimited files are best prepared using a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel and saving the file as plain text. The following rules should be followed:

    • The first row in the file should have the class details (such as name, distance, climb, and number of controls - separate by commas) for the first class.
    • In the following rows, put the competitor's details, one per row. The placing must be in the first column, name in the second column, and time in the last column.
    • For the time column you will need to format the cells to be a number with two decimal places to ensure that the time appears correctly (use a . not a :).
    • Other information such as the competitor's club can be put in columns between the name and the time. If information such as the competitor's club is put in, then an entry must be put in for every competitor (eg '-' for no club).
    • For 'dnf' competitors, leave the placing column blank, and put 'dnf' (lower case) in the time column.
    • Terminate a class by leaving a single blank row.
    • Repeat for all remaining classes.

    A word processing program such as MS Word may also be used (save the results as a text file). In this case use a single TAB to separate the columns and a carriage return (or enter) to separate rows. Do not use extra spaces or TABs to make the formatting look 'correct' in the word processor. Ensure there are no double or multiple spaces as these will be interpreted as TABs.

    A sample TAB delimited file can be found here. This can be copied and pasted into your spreadsheet or word processor and used as a template for your results.

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  4. How do I submit results for uploading?
    When you have created the file(s), send the results as an attachment to your state contact for uploading to the website (some contacts are given below). In the body of the e-mail include all the following:
    The event name
    The event date
    The event type (eg Badge)
    The organiser's name
    The organising club
    The organising state
    Any organiser's comments to be included with the results

    The results will be placed on the web and a short acknowledging e-mail sent in return.

    Orienteering Queensland:
    Orienteering Australia:
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  5. Importing Results from OE2010
    The Results System does not yet support import of files from OE2010 See the OA Web Site page for information on how to convert OE2010 Results files to OE2003 Format
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