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Events with results for 2009 (Results after 2015 may be found in Eventor)

Start dateMapTypeClubResultSplitsPhotos
Tue30Nov1999SA Mountain Bike Championships, Fox CreekState Championships (Long)OH SResults
Tue30Nov1999WA - MTBO Long Distance ChampionshipState Championships (Long)SW WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999WA - MTBO Middle Distance ChampionshipState Championships (Middle)SW WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian RelaysNational Championships (Relay)BK VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian Long Distance ChampionshipsNational Championships (Long)BG VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian Sprint ChampionshipsNational Championships (Sprint)YV VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian Schools Championships RelayNationa Schools (Relay)DR VResults
Tue30Nov1999Australian Schools Championships IndividualNational Schools (Individual)EU VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Victorian Championships - Long Distance & NOLState Championships (Long)NE VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian Middle Distance ChampionshipsNational Championships (Middle)MF VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999WA Long Distance ChampionshipsBadgeBO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999WA Middle Distance ChampionshipsState Championships (Middle)LO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Queensland ChampionshipsBadgeOQ QResultsSplits - Stage 1
Splits - Stage 2
Tue30Nov1999SA Long Championships, ParadiseState Championships (Long)TJ SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999QLD MTBO Champs - Day 2State Championships (Long)SO QResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999QLD MTBO ChampsState Championships (Middle)SO QResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999NSW Long Distance Championships (SL10)State Championships (Long)WR NResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999SA Middle Distance ChampionshipsState Championships (Middle)TT SResults
Tue30Nov1999Victorian Championships - Sprint DistanceState Championships (Sprint)DR VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999SA Sprint Distance ChampionshipsState Championships (Sprint)YA SResults
Tue30Nov1999ACT MTBO ChampionshipsState Championships (Middle)CF AResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999NT Long ChampionshipsState Championships (Long)TE SResults
Tue30Nov1999Worlds End South Long Distance BadgeBadgeOH SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999NSW Sprint Championships/NSW State League 8State Championships (Sprint)NC NResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian MTBO Middle ChampionshipsNational Championships (Middle)OASA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian MTBO Long ChampionshipsNational Championships (Long)OASA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian MTBO Sprint ChampionshipsNational Championships (Long)OASA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Victorian Championships - Middle DistanceState Championships (Middle)BG VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999WA Sprint Championships (Nav Dash 8) Scotch CollegeState Championships (Sprint)WO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Spice Brook Badge EventBadgeKO WResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999ACT Long Championships 2009State Championships (Long)AO AResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999ACT Middle Distance Championships 2009State Championships (Middle)BS AResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999ACT Sprint Championships 2009State Championships (Sprint)BS AResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Victorian Long Distance MTBO ChampionshipsNational OtherTK VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Victorian Middle Distance MTBO ChampionshipsState Championships (Middle)TK VResultsSplits
Tue30Nov19992009 Australian Family RelaysAustralian Family RelaysEV TResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Easter 3 Day Public PrologueNational OtherEV TResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999Australian Easter 3 Day ChampionshipsNational Easter 3 DaysEV TResultsSplits - Stage 1
Splits - Stage 2
Splits - Stage 3
Splits - Stage 4
Tue30Nov1999SILVA NOL Round 1 - Long and Badge Event - SABadgeWA SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999SILVA NOL Round 1 Middle Para Wirra SANational League/SeriesTT SResultsSplits
Tue30Nov1999SILVA NOL Round 1 Sprint Keithcot Farm, SANational League/SeriesOH SResultsSplits

41 events

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